T-3D Toyota LC200 & Prado155 Dual Battery Kit 

Price $499.00


Price includes Australia wide postage.

All of our TOYOTA kits are designed to work with the new Toyota low alternator operating voltages and our kits achieve fast RECHARGING of an auxiliary battery, faster than any other dual battery setup, including DC/DC device.

The T-3D DBS Kit is specifically produced for a Toyota LC200 or Prado 150. The kit is a pre-assembled Plug-N-Play kit.

The T-3D is a complete Dual Battery system and is supplied with the DT90 Twin Isolator, connecting the Cranking Battery to Auxiliary Battery, plus a heavy duty cable to the rear, to enable carrying of house batteries in a camper trailer or caravan.

The DT90 also has an ACCESSORIES Output, which is a Low Voltage Cut-Out Power Supply for powering a Fridge, charging phones, cameras and computers and computer or and camp lighting.

While the Main Isolator protects agains discharging the Cranking Battery, ACCESSORIES Output, with it’s Low Voltage Cut-Out, protect against over discharging your Auxiliary Battery.

So unlike any other isolator, the DT90 protects both the Cranking Battery and the Auxiliary Battery.


NOTE, this kit does not include an Auxiliary Battery or Auxiliary Battery Tray

All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.


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