DT90 Dual Battery Isolator


DT90 – 2 Isolators in 1 unit.

Price $245.00


Don’t just protect your cranking battery.

Protect your auxiliary battery at the same time.


There are no other types of Dual Battery Isolators that offer anywhere near the operating and charging advantages that our DT90 Isolators achieve.

Our DT90 Isolators will allow you to recharge batteries at up to 6X faster than a DC/DC device

SPECIAL NOTE – The DT90 is perfectly suited for use in new vehicles quipped with STOP/START function.


The DT90 is a unique Dual Battery Isolator and is the equivalent of having an SC80 and an ABG-25 in one device. Plus you also have an In-Cab Module, used to select different operating functions of the DT90 and displays Battery Capacity.

The DT90 has two separate operations, it first protects the Cranking Battery against being discharged to low that it can’t start your motor. Then the second function is to make sure your accessories can never over discharge and damage your Auxiliary Battery.

The DT90 allows you the user to charge the way these new functions operate, to suit your own personal Dual Battery requirements.

These new features are Selected by using the switches in the In-Cab Module :-

TIME-OUT =  72 hours ( Pre-setting ), 18 Hours or 15 minutes ( USER Selectable )

BATTERY MONITORING = Both Batteries ( Pre-setting ), Main Only ( USER Selectable )

ACCESSORIES OUTPUT = TIME-OUT ( Pre-setting ), FRIDGE Op ( USER Selectable )

ACCESSORIES LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OUT LEVEL = 11.6v ( Pre-setting ), 10.5v ( USER Selectable )

Toggle  Switch = SHARED Mode ( Pre-setting ), STORED Mode ( USER Selectable )

A comprehensive explanation of the USER Selectable Functions can be found in the DT90 Installation & Operating Manual

Click here to download the DT90 Installation & Operating Manual


NOTE you do not require any form of electrical experience to fit this isolator and you only need basic handyman skills and some basic tools to install this isolator.

All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.


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