SC80 Dual Circuit Auxiliary Battery Charger


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MPN: SC80-12


SC80 Dual Circuit Auxiliary Battery Charger 
Price as RRP $125 inc GST

The SC80 was available in 12 or 24 volt versions

Like the SC40, the SC80’s first and most important objective is to protect the vehicle’s main battery against being discharged bellow a point at which the battery would not be able to start the vehicle.

SINGLE 80 AMP CIRCUIT. The SC80 has a PRIMARY and a SECONDARY circuit. These circuits can be joined together and operated as a single 80 amp auxiliary battery charger, connecting the main battery to 1 auxiliary battery.
DUAL 40 AMP CIRCUITS The SC80 can be used to charge 2 auxiliary batteries via separate 40 amp circuits, so if there is one auxiliary battery under the bonnet of a vehicle and another in a caravan being towed by the vehicle, the SC80 will charge both batteries while the voltage at the main battery is at a high enough level. After the vehicles motor is stopped, the power can be shared by all the batteries to extend the operating time of the auxiliary batteries. But once the voltage at the main battery drops to the cut out level, all the batteries will be isolated from each other.

No additional relays or solenoids are needed to install and operate the SC40.

DUAL VOLTAGE CIRCUITS The SC80 can also be used to control circuits of different voltages. You may have a 24 volt vehicle with an SC80-24 fitted. The PRIMARY circuit could be wired between the main battery and a step down voltage converter and the secondary circuit could be wired between a 12 volt auxiliary battery and some accessories. When the voltage at the 24 volt battery drops to the cut out level, the SC80-24 will isolate the step down voltage converter from the 24 volt battery and isolate the accessories from the 12 volt auxiliary battery, thus protecting both batteries systems at the same time.





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