USI-160 Dual Battery Isolator

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There are no other types of Dual Battery Isolators that offer anywhere near the operating and charging advantages that our USI-160 Isolators achieve.

Our USI-160 Isolators will allow you to recharge batteries at up to 6X faster than a DC/DC device

The USI-160 is a Microprocessor based Dual Battery Isolator and has a continuous operating current rate of 160 amps and a make/surge current rate of 240 amps.

The USI-160’s high current switching capacity and unique operating features makes the USI-160 ideally suited for just about every form of dual battery system requirement, from basic automatic auxiliary/house battery charging, right up to joining the auxiliary and cranking batteries together for high current winching operations, all done with one Isolator.

Installation of the USI-160 could not be easier. Two screws mount the small Relay unit and one of these is used to earth the unit. positioning a velcro strip is all that is required to mount the compact In-Cab Module.

The tennis ball in the picture below gives you an idea of just how compact both the Relay Unit and In-Cab Modules are.

The USI-160, is a 160 AMP ULTRA SMART ISOLATOR that can be used as a simple Fit-&-Forget dual battery isolator or it can be set up to work in any of the 4 User-Selected operating modes, all controlled from inside the cab, using the IN-CAB LED & SWITCH module supplied with the Isolator.

In a Fit-&-Forget set up, the USI-160 Unit will operate as a stand alone fully automated dual battery isolator and you don’t even need to install the IN-CAB LED & SWITCH module.

In a User-Selected set up, the USI-160 Isolator has 4 User-Selectable operating modes, and these are :-


Cut-In at 13.1v, Cut-Out at 12.6v ( similar to other isolators )


Cut-In at 13.1v, Shared mode 12.7v, Cut-Out at 12.0v

See full details of the advantage of the SHARED Mode on the SC80 Isolator page.


Manually selectable between 10.0v and 12.7v


Manually selected above 13.1 ( motor must be running ), but once selected, will operate down to 10.0v

TIME-OUT, energy saver.

The USI-160 also has a Time-Out feature, designed to avoid wasting energy if a vehicle is not used for some time.

The Time-Out counter starts when ever the voltage at the input of the USI-160 drops below 12.7v and Times Out and shuts down after 72 hours ( 3 days ) from when the voltage first dropped below 12.7v

Any time the voltage at the USI-160 rises above 13.1v, the TIME-OUT counter is reset and suspended.

The USI-160 Ultra Smart Dual Battery Isolator is designed and manufactured in Australia to meet the harsh conditions often found in off roading situations in Australia.

One of it’s advanced features is that of the WINCH mode function. When other isolators link batteries together for winching, they simply use a switch to bypass the isolator’s Voltage Sensing and electrically link the batteries together.

With the USI-160, when you want to select WINCH Mode, the motor must be running ( voltage must be over 13.2v ), then the switch tells the isolator’s Microprocessor that you want to link the batteries.

The Microprocessor will then link the batteries, but during the winching operation, if the voltage drops below 12.7v, a 5 minute time commences. If the voltage rises above the 13.2v level again, the time is reset. If the voltage remains below 13.2v for 5 minutes, the Microprocessor switches the isolator from winch mode to isolator mode and turns the isolator off.

This function means that, unlike other isolators, where if you forget to turn off the override switch, you can end up with two flat batteries. This is avoided by the automatic monitoring function of the USI-160, where if you forget to turn off the WINCH function, 5 minutes after you turn the motor off, the USI-160 automatically reverts back to isolator mode and turns off, separating the batteries.


Again, with the unique way the USI-160 operates in the SHARED Mode, you can connect solar panels ( via a solar regulator ) or a battery charger to either battery in a USI-160 dual battery set up and all batteries will recharged.

If you have an Anderson plug mounted at the back of your vehicle, you can make your solar or battery charger connection through the Anderson plug and again, all batteries in a USI-160 dual battery set up will be charged.

But if you have a specific need to only charge your Auxiliary Battery, then by selecting IGNITION Mode and connecting the solar panels or battery charger to the Auxiliary Battery, you will be able to charge it, while the Cranking battery remains isolated.

The USI-160 Ultra Smart Dual Battery Isolator is not waterproof but is water resistant and will safely tolerate deep river crossings and a good hosing down after some muddy 4x4ing.

The USI-160 comes with a 160 amp RELAY unit and a small IN-CAB LED & SWITCH module.

The Relay Unit is very compact and only requires two screws ( 2 x Stainless Steel Screws are provided ) to mount the Unit and one of the screws is used to earth the Unit.

There are two 8M Studs for connecting the cables, one cable from the Cranking battery and one going to the Auxiliary/House Battery(s)

The Relay Unit has a pre-wired 3 metre long, sheathed 4 wire loom which you run into the cabin and connect to the LED and Selection Switch In-Cab Module. The USI-160 does not need to have the In-Cab Module connected for the isolator to work. If the In-Cab Module is not connected, the USI-160 will automatically operate in the SHARED Mode.

The Isolator also comes supplied with a length of 7mm Split Tube, to protect the sheathed 4 wire loom, and two Rubber Terminal Covers.

The In-Cab Module does not require permanent mounting on or near the dash. The module has a Velcro pad and is designed to allow you to position the module where it’s convenient to see and use when you need it and when not required, you can detach it and put it out of the way.

The Switch on the In-Cab Module allows the user to control which mode the Isolator is required to be in.

The LED goes way beyond just telling when the Isolator is on or off. The LED gives a full diagnostic readout of the Isolator’s operating modes and the state of the cranking battery.

The Installation Instructions also include details for setting up your own LED and switch connections. This is handy if you have a switch to match your vehicle’s dash switches and the wiring for the In-Cab Module is specifically set up so you can not harm anything if you mix the wiring up or the 4 wires come in contact with each other.

As an additional safety feature, once the motor is running and the Isolator is on, the LED glows constantly. If everything is working as it should be, 1 minute after the Isolator switched on, the LED changes from bright to dull, so as not to distract the driver during night time driving.



If cranking battery is in a very low State of Charge, the LED flashes rapidly to indicate a problem.

Or if the charge voltage goes too high, the isolator will turn off and again the LED flashes rapidly to indicate a problem. This feature is particularly useful to protect your cranking battery if you are using an older style single stage battery charge or if you are using a solar panel with out a solar regulator to charge your auxiliary battery.

Here are the 3 main functions of the USI-160 isolator.





ON = 320ma

OFF = 10ma


All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.


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