12v, 100Ah LiFePO4 LITHIUM Battery

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We are now a distributor for the AMPS ( Advanced Mobile Power Systems ) brand of Lithium batteries. 

L 100Ac

The AMPS 12v, 100Ah battery is supplied with a 3 year replacement warranty

We have conducted extensive testing on these batteries and they have performed better that expected.

We have continually discharged and charged the 100Ah batteries and total discharge cycles returned at least 105Ah before the battery’s BMS cut out, making them ideally suited for Deep Cycle use in caravans, motorhomes and portable battery packs.

They are also perfect for Solar Setups and Remote Area Power Supplies.

These batteries are NOT intended for under bonnet use.

To gain maximum life expectancy, the manufacturer recommends a recharge current of 20 amp. They will tolerate recharge currents as high as 60 amps, but note, continually charging with such high currents will have an effect on the overall life expectancy of these batteries.

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