The ABG-25 is made in Australian.

The ABG-25 is our Low Voltage Cut-Out Unit and is designed to protect Auxiliary/House Batteries from being accidentally over discharged and causing potential damage to these batteries.

ABG-25 comes with an In-Line Fuse Holder and Fuse, making the ABG-25 a lot simpler and quicker to install than other types of Low Voltage Cut-Out devices.

The ABG-25 has 4 User Selectable Cut-Out Voltage Settings and is shipped with the Cut-Out voltage set at 11.6v. but the User can set the ABG-25 settings to 11.6v, 11.8v, 12.0v and 12.3v.

Deep Cycle Batteries  A Cut-Out voltage level of 11.6v is suitable for most Deep Cycle Batteries.

Nearly all Deep Cycle Batteries can be safely discharged down to 11.58v ( 20% State of Charge ) so the 11.6v setting on ABG-25 is designed for these batteries, but some ( older type ) Deep Cycle Batteries should not be discharged below 11.75v ( 30% State of Charge ) so the 11.8v setting is for these batteries.

Cranking Batteries  A Cut-Out voltage level of 12.0v is recommended for use with all types of Cranking Batteries.

With the ABG-25 set to 12.0v ( or 12.3v ) you can safely operate 12v accessories from your Cranking Battery with out risking discharging the Cranking Battery to such a low level where it can not start your motor.

ABG-25 OPERATION. The ABG-25 has an LED that shows when the unit is on and the battery power level is still reasonable.

When the voltage rises above 12.5v, the LED will give 2 short flashes every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds, the the ABG-25 will turn on.

Once the ABG-25 turns on, the LED will glow brightly for 1 minute, and then go dull and remain in a constant dull state while the ABG-25 is on.

If the battery is discharged down to near the selected Cut-Out voltage, the LED fad in and out, getting brighter and duller to warn the user that the battery voltage level is getting near the cut-out point, and indicating the battery should be recharged.

LOW VOLTAGE Protection. If the battery continues to be discharged and drops below the selected Cut-Out voltage, the ABG-25 will turn off and the LED will give 1 short pulse every 2 seconds.

FLAT BATTERY Indication. If for some reason, the auxiliary battery continues to be discharged, if the voltage drops below 10.5v, the LED will now flash RAPIDLY to indicate your battery needs an immediate charge.

The ABG-25 has a 10 second delayed shutdown to over come load spikes caused when things like fridge motors start up and has an immediate shut down if the voltage drops below 7.6v

TIME-OUT, energy saver. The ABG-25 also has a Time-Out feature, designed to avoid wasting energy if a vehicle is not used for some time.

The Time-Out counter starts when ever the voltage at the ABG-25 drops below 12.5v and Times Out and shuts down after 120 hours ( 5 days ) from when the voltage first dropped below 12.5v

Any time the voltage at the ABG-25 rises above 12.5v, the TIME-OUT counter is reset and suspended.

OVER VOLTAGE Protection. If the voltage rises above 15.5v at any time, the ABG-25 will turn off and the LED will flash RAPIDLY.

The ABG-25 will remain off until the voltage drops below 15.0v again. The ABG-25 will then turn on and commence normal operation. 

All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.