USI-160-EB Kit ( Engine Bay Kit ) $299.00

The USI-EB kit is made in Australian

Price includes Australia wide postage.

The USI-160-EB( Engine Bay ) Kit is similar to the  SC80-EB kit and is designed to make for a quick and easy dual battery install for any engine bay based dual battery set up for use with an electric winch.

The USI-160-EB Kit is a complete standard dual battery kit and all you need is the auxiliary battery, and if required, a battery tray to suit your specific vehicle.

Like the SC80-EB Kit, USI-160-EB Kit also give you a solid basis and good starting point for expanding to a more comprehensive dual battery system for you whole vehicle and/or to add cabling to allow for the charging of house batteries in a Camper trailer or caravan.

The kit includes the following parts

        *  USI-160 isolator 

        *  USI-160 In-Cab Control Module 

        *  3 metres of 3B&S ( 25mm2 ) Red cable

        *  1 metre of 3B&S ( 25mm2 ) Black cable

        *  1 x 7mm Split Tub

        *  1 x 13mm Split Tub

        *  Set of Battery Terminal Clamps

        *  Set of Plastic Isolator Stud Covers

        *  Set of Plastic Battery Terminal Covers

        *  6 x 3B&S Heavy Duty 8mm Eye Terminals

        *  Heat Shrink

        *  Wire Ties

        *  Stainless Steel Mounting Screws.

See full operational details about the USI-160 isolator and it's additional features.

All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.