DISCOVERY 5 Dual Battery Kit  D5-S - $475.00

The D5-C is a Plug-N-Play Dual Battery Kit, specifically designed for the Land Rover Discovery 5. This kit takes about 90 minutes to fit.

There is only one hole to drill ( optional ) for the new Power Socket. All cables have been cut to the correct size and all cable terminals have been pre-assembled and ready to install.

The entire kit is fitted out of sight, with the exception of the new power socket. All the battery cabling is 6B&S ( 13.5mm2 ) to keep voltage drop to a minimum.


The kit connects to the Main Cranking Battery in behind the panel on the driver’s side of the Cargo Area


Then the cabling runs down and under the floor and across to the passenger side of the Cargo Area, where the DT90 Isolator is mounted under the paneling.


Cabling for the Auxiliary battery runs up behind the panel on the passenger’s side, and then on to a 50 amp Anderson Plug. There is then an Extension Cable fitted with another 50 amp Anderson Plug, which is fixed to the Auxiliary battery, either directly ( as in the photo below ) or via the Battery Terminal Clamps provided with the kit.

The Auxiliary battery can be permanently mounted as below, or in a Draw setup, or just in a battery box, temporarily secured in the Cargo Area, for easy and quick removal, at home or to provide external power at a campsite.


Note the location of the new Power Socket in the top left side of the photo above.

Because there are a number of different Cargo Area versions of the Discovery 5 ( 5 or 7 Seats ), the Auxiliary Battery Cable is designed for a generic connection, so that all forms of Auxiliary battery mounts are catered for with every D5-S kit.

The price includes Australia Wide Postage. All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.