DISCOVERY 5 Dual Battery Kit  D5-C - $560.00

The D5-C is a Plug-N-Play Dual Battery Kit, specifically designed for the Land Rover Discovery 5 and has the same basic setup as the D5-S kit but it also has a Heavy Duty Extension Cable for providing power to a Camper Trailer or Caravan.

Please see the D5-S KIT for the initial installation details for the D5-C Kit.

This kit takes about 2 Hours to fit. Like the D5-S kit, there is only one hole to drill ( optional ) for the new Power Socket. All cables have been cut to the correct size and all cable terminals have been pre-assembled and ready to install.

The entire kit is fitted out of sight, with the exception of the new power socket. All the battery cabling is 6B&S ( 13.5mm2 ) to keep voltage drop to a minimum.


CARAVAN POWER SUPPLY. The D5-C Kit comes with a Pre-Assembles Heavy Duty Twin Cable Extension and 50 amp Anderson Plug, to be mounted at the rear of you D5, with the Trailer plug, and is used to provide power to charge batteries in a camper trailer or caravan.

And while your D5 is connected to your Camper Trailer or Caravan, while you are free camping, you will be able to use your D5 batteries to provide additional Accessories power to your Camper Trailer or Caravan.

By sharing the power over all your batteries, when you do get back on the road, you will be able to recharge your batteries faster than any other setup.


REVERSE CHARGING. With the Anderson plug mounted at the back of your D5, you can provide power for charging your batteries from solar panels ( via a Solar Regulator ) or battery charger, connection to the Anderson plug, and because the DT90 Isolator has Reverse Charging, both the Auxiliary Battery and Main Cranking Battery will be charged.

You can also use the Anderson Plug to power an Air Compressor, or to provide power to a campsite, to run a fridge or some camp lighting. All this can be done while your Discovery 5 is safely locked up.

Price includes Australia Wide Postage. All our isolators are supplied with a 5 year Parts and Labour warranty and a Lifetime Repair Guarantee.