COMBO Kit - $170.00

Why do a Headlight & Driving Light Wiring Upgrade

This is our COMBO Headlight and Driving Light Wiring Upgrade Kit

We have two main type of headlight wiring kits, the Headlight Wiring Upgrade Kit and the Combo Headlight and Driving Light Wiring Upgrade Kit.

The Headlight Wiring Upgrade section of the COMBO Kit has everything in it to upgrade the wiring for two standard H4 type headlights and the Driving Light Wiring Upgrade section of the COMBO Kit is supplied with extra wiring and hardware to wire up two driving lights but you can easily and safely add an additional two driving lights to this set up.

The kits are supplied with two pre-wired headlight globe sockets and our own specially manufactured plug that is used to connect your existing headlight wiring to the new loom. There is no need to cut or alter the vehicle's existing wiring in any way and to make sure you get the maximum advantage by upgrading your headlight wiring with one of our kits, we use the same size ( or thicker ) cable for our headlight wires as most other brands of upgrade looms use for their driving light wire and our driving light cable is even thicker again, so you WILL get much brighter lights.

Combo Headlight and Driving Light Wiring Upgrade Kit $170