About Us

Unlike most internet sellers, who are just that, Box Sellers ( in one door and out the other ), we are an Australian electronics design and manufacturing company.

Our company started designing and manufacturing electronics products back in 1973 and automotive electrical and automotive electronics equipment in 1978.

In 1979, we began manufacturing our first Car Alarms and by 1982 we were supplying a range of Insurance Company Recommended Car Alarm Systems to the automotive industry.

We not only supply direct to the public but we also specialise in producing products for other companies. For instance, most of the Australian made Winnebagos have our control and distribution panels fitted to them. 

We developed our first Battery Isolator, the SC40, in 1991 and commenced producing the SC80 in 1993.

By 2010, after nearly 2 decades, and with the SC80 proving to be so versatile and popular with new vehicles owners, we ceased production of the SC40.

2010 was a busy year for us. We introduced our high current isolator, the USI-160, and this is still one of the most advanced isolators designed specifically for use with electric winch operations.

Again in 2010, we introduced our DT90 isolator. This is a TWIN PURPOSE isolator designed to protect both the Cranking Battery and the Auxiliary Battery.

In 2011, after a number of years developing it, we introduced AUSTRALIA'S FIRST WIRELESS BREAKAWAY BATTERY MONITOR.

In 2013, our Low Voltage Cut-Out Unit, the ABG-25, added to our products list.

In 2015, the second generation of our WIRELESS BREAKAWAY BATTERY MONITOR was released.

In 2016, the DT90 went through a major Software upgrade, and the second generation SC80 was introduced.

While it would be cheaper to have our products made offshore, we prefer to manufacture right here in Australia. This allows us to maintain the high quality standards we have always placed on our products.

Our company's policy has always been to place safety and reliability as our first consideration when designing new products.

While today, our primary market is the RV industry, we also design and manufacture specialised electronic products for companies supplying the Mineral, Agriculture, Transport, Security and Domestic Solar industries.

Our company has also been specialising in producing DIY friendly automotive electrical kits for more than 35 years and DIY Dual Battery kits for 25 years, and because these are designed by a company that actually works in this industry, our kits are designed for maximum safety and contain everything you need to carry out a professional and effective dual battery installation.